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About Us

Von Vinson Kennel has been raising German Shepherds for over 15 years and understands the fundamentals, characteristics, and foundation of the German Shepherd breed.  Our German Shepherd Dogs (GSD) are raised in a family environment and naturally serve and protect the household.  All of our dogs are AKC registered, come from 100% German bloodlines, and have pedigrees of PROVEN champions.  They range in size from medium to extra large according to the line they were bred from and no matter which size you choose they are all command worthy and eager to learn! All pups are vet checked and current on all their shots.  

We take pride in providing you with an intelligent, lovable, quality German Shepherd Dog. I'm confident that our GSDs are of the highest quality in this area.  

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the very best German Shepherd Dog.


Memphis Area

Olive Branch, MS 38654

(901) 826-1650

Our Pedigree of Titles 

All of our males and females come from PROVEN champions of the breed with Schutzhund and IPO Titles, which consists of tracking, obedience and protection skills tests.  When earning this title German Shepherd dogs must prove their strength, obedience, eagerness, and confidence while performing the exercises off-leash!  Therefore, puppies born born to Schutzhund dams and sires are more likely to have sound temperament and high intelligence.  We select only the highest quality and healthiest of German Shepherds with proven pedigrees from across the world to be a part of Von Vinson Kennel.  Our dogs speak for themselves.  Scroll below to see a few of the outstanding pedigree that our dogs come from.

Kobe's Pedigree

Kobe's Mother

Prada od Petkovica 2021 Universal Sieger

Kobe's Father

VP1, SG1 Rok Fixfrutta BH, IPOI1, Kkl1

Asap Vom Aldamar

Kobe's Grandfather 3X VA BSZS 2021

Kobe's line comes from the line of infamous Asap Vom Aldamar the 3X International Seiger Champion of 2021.  His pups will look like Kings and be LARGE in height and bone structure.  Kobe's mother was also a 2021 Universal Sieger.  Dog's from this line will continue to produce world class German Shepherds displaying the most desirable traits of the breed.

Coffee's Pedigree

Coffee's Father

V8 BSZS Negus de Marka IGP3

Coffee's Father

V8 BSZS 2019 Negus de Marka IGP3

Coffee's Mother

Xara vom Leithawald IPO1

Coffee's pedigree consists of a V8 BSZS 2019 Champion, Negus de Marka, who also happens to have an IGP3 title which is the most difficult of all the IGP titles .  Coffee's mother also has an IPO working title so these puppies will make great police, tracking, or family dogs.  Loyalty and protection will be a natural part of the personality of puppies from this line.

Sofie's Pedigree

Sofie's Father (VA1, PL2018)

Kjuwel vom Haus Tchorz World Sieger

Sofie's Mother

Cora Kevin Timeless, IPO1, AD

Sofie's Grandfather (3x VA)

Cronos del Seprio, IPO1, Kkl

Sofie is the daughter of VA1 Kjuwel vom Haus Tchorz 2018 World Sieger and grand-daughter 3X VA Cronos del Seprio.  Her pedigree is loaded with working titles and World Sieger.  Litters from Sofie will be super!  Her parents are very large in size.

Kaci's Pedigree

Kaci's Grandfather (3x World Champion)

Cronos del Seprio. IPO1, Kkl

Kaci's Father

Cai Kevin Timeless, V3, IPO2

Kaci's Grandfather (3x VA)

Asap Vom Aldamar, 3X VA (BsZs+B) 2021

Kaci is the daughter of prestigious working class winners such as Cai Kevin Timeless (a 3x Sieger title winner) and Asap vom Aldamar (3X International title winner). Her ENTIRE pedigree includes working titles such as Schutzhund qualification in tracking obedience and protection, as well as, titles in the World Championship Sieger Show.  We can't wait to see the puppies that will come from Kaci's line!

Lola's Pedigree

Lola's Grandfather

VA3 Erasmus Van Noort

Lola's Grandfather

Gallax vom Steinbettr, ScH3, KkL1

Lola's Father

Zeus Von Vinson

Lola is a female (black and red) German Shepherd with a World Champion pedigree, 100 % German bloodlines, and excellent temperament. Her litters have produced beautiful, top of the line, quality, healthy dogs that are loyal, intelligent, and naturally protective. She is the daughter of Zeus Vom Vinson and Zora Vom Haus.  

Zeus and Neko's Pedigree

Exie Von Der Hundshardt

Zeus's Mother

Lurry Vom Haus

Zeus's Uncle

Cody Vom Haberland

Zeus and Neko's Father


Zeus & Neko's Father


Zeus and Neko's Grand Father

Juli Vom Messina

Neko's Mother

Zeus and Neko's line consists of larger body types with Champion sires such as the World Seiger Champion, Ober Von Bad-Boll.  Their pedigrees consist of ALL WORKING DOGS WITH TITLES, which making for a loyal, confident, obedient companion.  These GSD's will be tall with mostly red and black, or black and tan color with a blocky head or face.

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